Featuring the best photography tools on iOS yet.A total redesign. Unlocking the power of RAW for everyone with Instant RAW. Over 50 new features — and that’s just the beginning.
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Impeccably (Re-)Designed

Completely redesigned for Mark II, Halide packs intuitive gestures, gorgeous details, and effortless ease of use.

Designed to be used with one hand on all phones without compromising on power.

New in Mark II: Edge gestures for mode switching. Tactile Touch enables and disables focus and exposure aids as you need them. And three new, custom typefaces.

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Pro Tools XDR

Halide Mark II packs the best pro camera tools on the App Store.

Check for accurate exposures with the new extended dynamic range (XDR) 14-bit color zebras and waveforms.

Use your ideal histogram with large and small displays featuring monochrome and color options. Perfect manual focus with automatic enhanced focus peaking and a new focus loupe.

A RAW Revolution

Get started with shooting in RAW with Halide Mark II’s new Instant RAW and Coverage features.

Professional photographers know that shooting in RAW can enable better, more detailed photos. But the magic of RAW files is kept locked away to those that knew how to properly edit them. Halide’s Instant RAW lets you immediately capture shots with more detail, dynamic range and an authetic look — all without ever having to edit anything.

Still unsure if RAW is the best choice? Coverage lets Halide shoot two photos — one with Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, and one in RAW.

Now you’re free to shoot first, and ask questions later.

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And much more
Halide Mark II is our biggest update yet, packing over 50 new features and changes. Read all about what is new in our blog post:
Halide Mark II: Pro. Camera. Action.
Welcome to Halide Mark II. Our biggest update yet.
Halide is the award-winning camera app made by three friends. Here’s what makes it unique.
Designed like a real camera

Halide was designed with our favorite object in mind: the delightfully tactile and beautiful film camera, without compromising on the flexibility and power of mobile photography.

Gestures are modeled after the intuitive manipulation of dials: swiping up and down for exposure, and left and right for focus. The interface is simple and free of clutter, letting you focus on your artistic process.

We pay homage to the design heritage of more than a century of camera design with completely custom typefaces and typography throughout based on etched type on camera bodies and lenses.

Manual Mode
Halide combines a zero-thinking-required, Machine-Learning assisted automatic mode with a powerful all-manual mode. Easily pick from letting Halide make decisions to total control over shutter speed, ISO and white balance.
Focus Assist
Sometimes your iPhone knows what should be in focus, but most of the time you know best. Halide not only offers easy, gesture-based manual focus, but also powerful tools to help nail a sharp shot like focus peaking and a new focus loupe.
Depth Mode
iPhones now pack a dizzying set of cameras and sensors, allowing them to capture more than 2D images. Halide’s Depth mode lets you capture Portrait mode shots of pets and people — even if Apple’s Camera app can’t.
Learn As You Go
Debuting in Mark II: an easy way to become a better photographer with Halide by following along with new tutorial content.

Sign up for a 10-day set of lessons, with more educational content coming soon.
Private By Design
It sounds bizarre, but most photography apps send your information to Facebook or other third parties. Halide has zero trackers, tracking, does not collect or share any of your information or photos. Ever.

That’s the way a camera should work, really.
Powered by ML
While Smart HDR and Deep Fusion elevated the lossy JPG state of the art, RAW did not benefit from the powerful advancements in Machine-Learning assisted computational photography.

Halide’s Smart RAW harnesses ML to exposure your RAW files better, for maximum detail and less noise.
And lots more
Technical Readout
Apple Watch app
Siri Shortcuts
DCI-P3 Color
RAW + JPG Capture
Depth Map Export
Color Zebras
Metadata View
Custom White Balance
Now on the App Store — and available for a limited time at a lowered price.
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